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AR-15 80% Lower Receiver - OD GREEN


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Crafted for the dedicated DIY firearm enthusiast, the Modulus Arms AR-15 80% Billet Lower has been exclusively designed for at-home builders. A perfect blend of classic mil-spec craftsmanship and modern, unique styling, this 80% lower receiver showcases the best of both worlds.

Why Our 80% Billet Lower Stands Out:

DIY-Friendly Design: Specifically engineered with DIY builders in mind, this Billet Lower offers an effortless integration into custom AR-15 builds. With most cuts pre-milled, only the fire control group (AKA trigger hole) needs drilling, a task easily accomplished with our user-friendly Router Jig Extreme.

Distinct Features:

  • Precision CNC machined using state-of-the-art equipment
  • Unique lightweight design
  • Durable Aluminum 6061 construction
  • Enhanced Safety Selector Engraving
  • Compatibility with all Mil-Spec parts
  • Flared Magazine Well & Wide Trigger Guard
  • Threaded Bolt Catch with Included Screw
  • Integrated Trigger Guard & Rounded Buffer Tube Extension
  • Finished with MIL-A-8625 Type III Class 2 Black Hardcoat Anodizing 

Superior Customization: Accepting any Mil-Spec trigger kit and standard AR magazines, this lower allows you to craft an AR-15 tailored to your requirements, whether it's for target shooting, hunting, or home defense.

Why Building Your Own 80% Lower Matters Now More Than Ever

 In the firearm landscape, the 80% lower has emerged as a powerful representation of self-reliance, customization, and practical know-how. Here's a look at why you should consider building your own, especially in today's times: 

  • Full Control: When you build from an 80% lower, you're in the driver's seat. Every part, every detail, is under your command, ensuring you get exactly what you want.
  • Mechanical Insight: Get to know your firearm inside and out. Building from the ground up deepens your understanding of its mechanics, which can be crucial in critical situations.
  • Tailored Customization: Why settle? Constructing your own allows for unique modifications suited precisely to your preferences.
  • Regulation and Privacy: One of the compelling reasons many choose to complete an 80% lower is the privacy it offers. Since 80% lowers are not considered firearms until they're completed, they don't require an FFL (Federal Firearms License), provided all federal and local laws are adhered to.
  • Skill Acquisition: It's a straightforward task with an 80% lower, but the skills you pick up—precision drilling, milling, and finishing—can be applied elsewhere.
  • Be Ahead of the Curve: With shifting regulations and market uncertainties, there's no telling where the future of firearms is headed. Secure your capability to build and customize by diving into 80% lowers now.

Simply put, if you've ever considered building your own firearm, there's no better time than the present. Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge, and ensure you aren't left wishing you'd acted sooner.

Why Choose Modulus Arms:

Modulus Arms is your premier destination for high-quality 80% billet lowers for your AR-15. Our comprehensive range caters to varied styles and finishes, ensuring you find the perfect piece for your project. Connect with our team for more details today.

Commitment to Quality: We pride ourselves on producing original, premium equipment, allowing firearm enthusiasts to complete their projects at home. Several enhancements have been made to the traditional Mil-Spec design, introducing a fresh and unique approach to the 80% lower concept. Rest assured, every product from Modulus Arms comes with a lifetime warranty, enabling you to craft with confidence.

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