AR-15 80% Lower Receiver - Billet - Raw - Blemished

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Billet Aluminum AR-15 80% Lower - Raw

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 Our 80% lower receivers represent the highest quality and best value 80% lowers on the market. They are the only 80% lowers backed by both a lifetime guarantee and a lifetime replacement warranty that protects against any type of accidental damage*.

  • Full mil-spec part compatibility.
  • Fire safe markings engraved.
  • Ultra-tough 80% lower design, machined from aircraft billet aluminum for superior strength.
  • Broached, flared mag well for faster, easier magazine reloads.
  • Rear takedown lug pocket completed.
  • Raw aluminum finish
  • Lifetime Guarantee*
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty if your 80% lower breaks for any reason*.
*Excludes damaged caused by milling the 80 lower out incorrectly and intentionally inflicted damage.
These Blemished Lowers are just flawed in visual appearance by either color variations or scraps of the lowers, but completely still functional for your use. 
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