80 Lower Receivers

Modulus Arms’ 80 lower receivers are distinctly noticeable for their curved design in the magwell. This was an intentional design aimed at reducing weight but still able to reliably seat and load in magazines with the flared magwell.

Our 80% lower receivers have full mil-spec parts compatibility with classic fire/safe markings engraved. These lowers are incredibly tough as they’re made out of aerospace grade aluminum. The color options include a mil-spec Type III hard anodized black and a raw finish for those who prefer to Cerakote, DuraCoat, or spray paint their own colors and designs themselves. 

Modulus offers a lifetime replacement warranty for all of it's 80% lowers, so you have a product guaranteed for life.

What is an 80 Lower Receiver?

80 lower receivers, or “blanks,” are unfinished lower receivers not considered as firearms by the ATF because they are missing critical components that make the item unable to operate as a fully functioning firearm. An 80% AR15 lower can be finished into a fully functioning AR15 rifle easily at home using our patented 80% lower jig.

Are 80 Lowers Worth It?

Is your freedom worth it? In an age where the President of the United States thinks we should have nuclear weapons and F-15 fighter jets to be able to resist the government, it raises a lot of concerns and questions regarding the weight of power that the central government holds over you, the American people. Ensure your freedom and security with 80 lowers without unnecessary government oversight. 80% lowers give you the ability to defend yourself, and build a rifle, without unconstitutional government oversight.

Do You Have To Serialize An 80 Lower?

Generally, no, it’s up to you whether you want to serialize your 80% lower. But it also depends on which state you live in. At this point in time some cities are taking it upon themselves to completely ban 80 lowers so do your research to be sure what your state and local laws are regarding 80 percent lower receivers. 

When buying any Modulus Arms products, you assume full legal responsibility and to abide by your state and local laws. Please also note that due to existing legal restrictions we cannot ship any 80% lowers to the following states: Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Washington D.C..

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