Modulus Arms Introduces the Heavy-Duty Universal AR-15 80% Jig

Modulus Arms Introduces the Heavy-Duty Universal AR-15 80% Jig

Posted by Wayne on 7th Dec 2015

Modulus Arms is proud to present the Heavy-Duty Universal AR-15 80% Jig. This Jig is the answer to all the feedback that the customers have asked for. We have incorporated all the things we have learned and know about completing 80% lower receivers. The Heavy-Duty Jig is the fastest, most accurate, easiest and most durable Jig available by anyone. It has no comparison to any other Jig.

The Standard Universal AR-15 80% Jig had already set the bar for the best jig available and this new jig takes it to a whole new level. The Heavy-Duty Jig is virtually indestructible. We designed this Jig to be the last Jig you will ever need to purchase. Replacement parts and damaged lower receivers is a thing of the past.

With Modulus Arms Heavy-Duty Universal AR-15 80% Jig and an unlimited supply of 80% lower receivers you will never need to leave the house again.... except to go shoot stuff.

Key Features of the Heavy-Duty Jig:

Solid Steel Side Plates: Solid High Strength Alloy Steel Side Plates. We went above and beyond the competition and rather than using aluminum or even steel bushings we decided to make SOLID STEEL side plates.

Solid Steel Drill Template: Solid High Strength Alloy Steel Drill Template. The Heavy-Duty Jig has an increased thickness Drill Template that is made of SOLID STEEL. Oblonged holes and replacing pieces is a thing of the past.

Solid Steel Router Template: Solid High Strength Alloy Steel Router Template. Every wear surface of the Heavy-Duty Jig is made from High-Strength Steel. No more worn out templates or melted aluminum.

Easy and Fast Assembly: The Router Template and Drill Template are now held down with ONLY FOUR SCREWS. This makes changing configurations for milling and drilling a breeze.

Larger Area Router Base: The Router Base is now MASSIVE! It is almost twice the size as the standard jig and is almost a full 3/8" thick.

Universal Compatibility: Use of standardized AR-15 upper dimensions to locate and center the jig template results in universal compatibility and more accurate machining.

Safer and Faster: The Modulus Arms Heavy-Duty AR-15 Jig accommodates the use of a router, for safer and faster machining, limiting the use of traditional handheld drills to remove material.

More Accurate: The Depth Gauge included with every Modulus Arms AR-15 Jig takes the guess work out of finishing your lower receiver, minimizing the opportunity for mistakes.

Professionally Engineered Design: The Modulus Arms AR-15 Lower Receiver Jig is designed by a team of mechanical engineers with decades of experience and CNC machined.

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