80% Lower Jigs

Universal Router Jigs like the Easy Jig 3 and Router Jig Pro are our solution to finishing any 80 percent AR15, AR10 or AR9 lower receiver on the market. It doesn’t have to only complete our 80 lowers. We believe in the “buy once, cry once” mentality and that certainly applies here for this jig. For any accidental damage or excessive wear on your 80 lower jig, not to worry, we have replacement parts on hand for you ready at a moment’s notice. 

What Is An 80 Lower Jig?

An 80 lower jig is a tool designed to help you accurately finish an 80 percent lower receiver with tight tolerances, making it compatible with most AR parts on the the market. It’s really just a fancy template that helps anyone build their own firearm. These jigs utilize handheld routers to quickly mill out the solid, “blank” portion of an 80 lower to finish it into a “100%” firearm. Consider the 80 lower jig like a portable fixture similar to something you might find in a CNC machine, except for your own home, and *much* cheaper.

Can You Finish An 80 Lower Without Jig?

No. You cannot finish an 80 lower without a jig designed to complete 80 percent lower receivers. Without an 80 lower jig, attempting to accurately drill out the fire selector, trigger, or hammer pin holes would prove to be very difficult if only done by hand if not impossible. The same could be said for milling out the trigger control group pocket.  The only exception would be if you own a mill, or a CNC machine. Manual mills are how AR15 lower receivers were made in the past before the CNC machine, which is how they’re finished now. And many companies, top manufacturers in the industry, make their lowers from 80% lower receivers also, as it’s easier for them to purchase the AR15 receivers mostly completed. Of course, if you own a manual mill, or a CNC machine, you’re probably not shopping for an 80 lower jig to finish your 80 lower!

Can you still get 80 percent lowers?

Yes! As long as you do not live in a restricted state or city, 80 percent lowers can still be purchased and shipped straight to your front door. If you haven’t been following the legal court case surrounding 80 percent lower receivers and pistol frames, look no further than the VanDerStok v. Garland case which is soon to be reviewed by the Supreme Court, the highest judicial court in the United States. Spoiler alert: we’ve been winning against the ATF and are waiting for the final nail in the coffin to be delivered by SCOTUS.

Quality 80% Lower Jig Tools 

To make your building experience as simple and smooth as possible, we offer quality 80% lower jig tools in conjunction with 80 lower jigs and 80 lowers that allow you to quickly and reliably finish 80% AR-10, AR-9 and AR-15 lower receivers without fail. Our tooling is high quality American made bits which last the average user from 3-5 80% lowers in their 80% lower jig. It all depends on how careful the user is, and how much time they take with their tooling. We know of customers who have finished 15+ 80% lowers with their tooling, and we know of customers who like to hurry through the machining, so their tooling life is much much shorter. Shop with us for quality tools that ensure you don’t mill too much or drill too deep into your 80 lowers!

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