AR15 Upper Receivers

At Modulus Arms, we only carry products that we use ourselves and as such these have been properly tested and vetted by our team members with our own personal firearms. You can always trust the parts selection we have because we’d never sell a part that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

What are the different types of AR-15 upper receivers?

Primarily you’ll find AR-15 upper receivers made of either billet aluminum due to the ease for manufacturers to create their own custom design or uppers that are made of forged aluminum (7075-T6). Buying from trusted name brands will ensure better fitment between your upper and lower receivers as well as seamlessly integration with handguards. 

Are all AR-15 upper receivers interchangeable?

All mil-spec upper and lower receivers should have no problem mating. Once you’ve experienced building a few different AR’s you’ll begin to develop a preference and taste for brands that you favor over others. 

How long do AR upper receivers last?

Theoretically, upper receivers can last tens of thousands of rounds, if not forever, which is more than what most people shoot in a lifetime. So generally speaking it’s best to regularly clean your guns, keep track of how many rounds you put through it and inspect for abnormal wear internally. 

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