Sig Parts

Sig Sauer has taken the world by storm with their innovative line of pistols’ fire control units, rifle platforms, and suppressor systems. One military contract after the other they just seem to be unstoppable these days!

In terms of Sig pistol products, we are big fans of their P365 and P320 FCU systems allowing for gun owners, practitioners, and builders alike to have the ultimate say on how they design their weapon platform. 

What is a FCU?

Regardless if it’s made by Sig or not, an FCU stands for “fire control unit.” This means that the FCU is legally considered the firearm as its serial number is engraved on that and not on the frame or grip module that houses it. 

Why buy the Smith Defense S365 Modular Grip?

The S365 Modular Grip system offers a full metal (aluminum) package in how one can utilize their P365 FCU. Whether it’s going to used for the XMacro and 17rd mags or in its Standard package (great for concealment), the S365 provides great ergos and grippy experience that works with gun owners’ holsters that they may already have for this platform. Read More