AR15 Pistol Grips

What is the best pistol grip for an AR-15?

An excellent question. While user preference can be a sort of catch-all response, this actually may not be completely true. In recent years there has been a trend of pistol grips for AR-15s that are more straight (10 or 15 degree angles) rather than the more traditional 20 to 25 degree angles that have been used for decades. 

One reason for this trend is likely because the 10 to 15 degree angle is more akin to how most of us grip our handguns. Additionally, the less sharp angle makes it easier for us to tuck our elbow into our torso. We’ve found that the sharper angle pistol grips actually sometimes make it easier for shooters to chicken wing their arm. 

Of course, good habits can be trained with any pistol grip. However, some may like certain pistol grip textures more than others. For example, most pistol grips are made of polymer with varying textures for enhancing grip. But some pistol grips also have rubber overmolds and some shooters prefer that. 

You may have to try a few pistol grips before you discover what is the best for you. Hand size and length of your rifle will also play into your deciding factors. 

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