Every 80% lower needs a good magazine to feed it, and magazines can frequently make or break a firearm. Even the most reliable of guns can't make up for faulty magazines, and that's why we offer only the highest quality magazines for sale with our lowers.

Polymer Magazines

Of course, Magpul's PMAG is one of the most popular magazines on the market today. With complete adoption by the United States Marine Corps, and use seen by every branch and facet of the US Armed Forces, and militaries worldwide, the PMAG is one of the most reliable magazine options you can choose. Made from a high-strength, crush resistant polymer, with improved followers and feed-lips that won't bend over time, the PMAG will always have your back when the going gets tough.

Aluminum & Steel Magazines

When it comes to metal magazines, there is no other name than Surefeed by OKAY Industries. These magazines are more than just OK though, they've been manufacturing for the US Military since the 1970s, with millions of magazines produced, and one of the most reliable track records out there. While polymer magazines are becoming more popular than metal ones, traditional G.I. style magazines do have benefits in more uniform dimensions for easier magazine changes, as well as not becoming brittle in extreme cold. 

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