Pistol Parts

Modulus Arms provides a comprehensive range of high-quality pistol parts for both Glock and Sig Sauer builds. Our unique selection of top-performance parts ensures that your custom firearm will be built to the highest standards for optimal efficiency and durability. We prioritize quality and high standards in our products, so you can trust that your firearm is built to last with our parts.

Our catalog of Glock and Sig Sauer parts includes all the essentials needed to complete your build, from upgraded trigger systems to slides, barrels, and magazine extensions. We understand that the process of customizing a firearm can be overwhelming, which is why we strive to make the process simple and straightforward by providing easy-to-navigate parts selection, clear product descriptions, and expert guidance. We believe that details matter, so we take the time to ensure our parts are designed to the highest standards, free from any defects or malfunctions.

Should you require parts that we do not currently offer in our catalog, we welcome feedback and suggestions for new parts to better serve your building needs. Modulus Arms is committed to providing exceptional customer service and is dedicated to supporting your unique firearm building requirements. When looking for a reliable and trusted provider for your custom firearm needs, look no further than Modulus Arms.