Iron Sights

Don’t forget to pick up some sights before you check out! You’ll want to actually be able to hit targets after you’ve completed your 80% build. 

What Are Irons?

In relation to firearms, we refer to “irons” as front and rear sights that can be detached from the top 1913 picatinny rail. The sights themselves do not necessarily need to be made out of iron or metal i.e. Magpul’s popular MBUS flip up sights are made out of polymer — “irons” has simply become a colloquial term among the gun owning community and industry. 

What Are Optics?

In relation to firearm terms, “optics” are what we call anything from iron sights, to red dot sights, holographic sights, to LPVO’s, to long range fixed magnification scopes — any optical sighting device that essentially helps you aim to accurately hit targets with your firearm. 


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