AR15 Stocks

What is the best AR-15 stock?

The best AR-15 stock for you is going to depend on your intended purpose. Some stocks may be heavier than others, some are designed to fold, most are retractable - meaning you can adjust your length of pull. The length of your AR15 can be very telling for what stocks would suit you the best. At Modulus Arms we try to carry the best stocks for your AR15 builds of which we personally have vetted and use ourselves. Below you can see our go-to options with a variety of staple features.  

Are AR stocks universal?

Stocks that will work for an AR15/AR9 will typically work for an AR10 as well. However, this is not always the case. You’ll have to pay careful attention to the type of buffer tube your rifle build is using. If you are using a rifle length buffer tube, then you’ll have to make sure you get a stock that is designed for rifle lengths as well. If you notice below, currently we only carry carbine-type stocks. 

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