Router Jig Extreme Premium Tool Kit With SpeedCoat


Our premium tool kit is stronger, faster, and longer lasting than anything else on the market. Our all new solid carbide SpeedMills™ with SpeedCoat™ are far more rigid than previous end mill designs, which results in a better finish and longer life. Not only is the SpeedMill™ tougher, but the end mills are easily replaceable as well. Coupled with our new heat-shrink tool holder, this combination virtually eliminates deflection and total runout. All components are precision manufactured in the USA.

The premium Tool Kit features our SpeedCoat™ proprietary coating on the end mill. SpeedCoat™ is a Zirconium based coating specifically formulated to offer superior lubricity and longer tool life when milling aluminum. SpeedCoat™ coated tools can be expected to cut smoother, last longer, and cut faster than standard uncoated tungsten carbide bits.


Kit Includes:

  • Speedmill™ with coated Solid Carbide End Mill
  • 3/8 Drill Bit
  • 21/64 drill Bit
  • 5/32 drill bit

Please be advised if your router needs the D/4 Speedmill, you will also need to purchase our Large Router Base.

DISCLAIMER: Under California Law, it is illegal to manufacture, complete, or assemble a firearm using any unserialized Firearm Precursor Part or unserialized Parts Kit. By ordering this product, you are confirming that your conduct complies with California Law.