Premium Replacement 5/16th Inch Endmill for Router Jig Extreme SpeedMill


This is a premium replacement end mill for the Router Jig Extreme SpeedMill. It you are milling multiple lowers it is advisable to keep an extra on hand. You can quickly swap the end mill out by heating the SpeedMill™ up with a torch or induction heater. 

The premium Gen 3 replacement SpeedMill™ features our SpeedCoat™ proprietary coating. SpeedCoat™ is a Zirconium based coating specifically formulated to offer superior lubricity and longer tool life when milling aluminum. SpeedCoat™ coated tools can be expected to cut smoother, last longer, and cut faster than standard uncoated tungsten carbide bits.

This bit is:

  • Solid Carbide
  • Fluted Specifically for Aluminum
  • Made in the USA