Router Jig Extreme SpeedMILL™

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Router Jig Extreme SpeedMILL™

Modulus Arms SpeedMILL

Please Note: The Modulus Arms Router Jig Extreme™ requires the use of one of our SpeedMill™ end mills.
The Modulus Arms SpeedMILL™ harnesses the power of a handheld router to produce an exceptionally smooth finish with no prior experience required. The SpeedMILL™ utilizes a thermal fit tool coupler which attaches directly to your router. This prevents the end mill from coming loose from the collet during milling, which is a common issue with other types of jigs.
The steel coupler portion of the 80% lower jig tool is heated, causing it to expand and accept a 5/16" diameter solid carbide end mill, which is specifically designed for router based 80% lower milling. The end mill is thermal fit into the tool holder so it will not slip out during use. The end mill portion of the SpeedMILL™ can be replaced by the customer by heating the steel coupler with a torch.
The length of the carbide end mill portion of the SpeedMILL™ has been reduced to just 1.5 inches. This is under half the length of any other type of end mills designed for router based milling in an 80% lower jig. This reduced length results in an ultra-rigid milling tool that produces a mirror finish in record setting time.

Check this table to find the correct SpeedMill™ version to fit your router.

BOSCH PR10E SpeedMill #V1
BOSCH PR20EV SpeedMill #V1
DEWALT DWE6000 SpeedMill #V1
PORTER CABLE 6430 SpeedMill #V1
PORTER CABLE 6435 SpeedMill #V1
RIGID R24012 SpeedMill #V1
CRAFTSMAN 28212 SpeedMill #V2
DEWALT DWP611 SpeedMill #V2
PORTER CABLE 450 SpeedMill #V2
MAKITA RT0701C SpeedMill #V3
BOSCH 1617EV SpeedMill #V4
BOSCH 1617EVS SpeedMill #V4
CRAFTSMAN 2767 SpeedMill #V4
CRAFTSMAN 27683 SpeedMill #V4
CRAFTSMAN 50429 SpeedMill #V4
DEWALT DW616 SpeedMill #V4
DEWALT DW618 SpeedMill #V4
HITACHI M12VC SpeedMill #V4

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