Router Jig Extreme SpeedMill™

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Modulus Arms SpeedMill

Please Note: The Modulus Arms Router Jig Extreme™ requires the use of one of our SpeedMill™ end mills.
The Modulus Arms SpeedMill™ harnesses the power of a handheld router to produce an exceptionally smooth finish with no prior experience required. The SpeedMill™ utilizes a thermal fit tool coupler that attaches directly to your router. This prevents the end mill from coming loose from the collet during milling, which is a common issue with other types of jigs.
The steel coupler portion of the 80% lower jig tool is heated, causing it to expand and accept a 5/16" diameter solid carbide end mill, which is specifically designed for router based 80% lower milling. The end mill is thermal fit into the tool holder so it will not slip out during use. The end mill portion of the SpeedMill™ can be replaced by the customer by heating the steel coupler with a torch.
The length of the carbide end mill portion of the SpeedMill™ has been reduced to just 1.5 inches. This is under half the length of any other type of end mills designed for router based milling in an 80% lower jig. This reduced length results in an ultra-rigid milling tool that produces a mirror finish in record setting time.

Check this table to find the correct SpeedMill™ version to fit your router:

BOSCH PR10E SpeedMill #V1
BOSCH PR20EV SpeedMill #V1
DEWALT DWE6000 SpeedMill #V1
PORTER CABLE 6430 SpeedMill #V1
PORTER CABLE 6435 SpeedMill #V1
RIGID R24012 SpeedMill #V1
CRAFTSMAN 28212 SpeedMill #V2
DEWALT DWP611 SpeedMill #V2
PORTER CABLE 450 SpeedMill #V2
MAKITA RT0701C SpeedMill #V3
CRAFTSMAN 2767 SpeedMill #V4
CRAFTSMAN 27683 SpeedMill #V4
CRAFTSMAN 50429 SpeedMill #V4
DEWALT DW616 SpeedMill #V4
HITACHI M12VC SpeedMill #V4




If you have a router not listed, you can reference the below sizing and thread pitch, and see which would match up with your routers spindle. It can be tricky to get these measurements, and for more information on collecting them, you can visit:


Spindle Diameter Tool Size Thread & Pitch
0.55” / 13.9 mm 1 M14 x 1
0.59” / 15 mm 2 M15 x 1
0.66” / 16.8 mm 3 M17 x 1
0.78” / 19.9 mm 4 M20 x 1