Modulus Arms "Router Jig Extreme" Large Router Plate

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Modulus Arms "Router Jig Extreme" Large Router Plate 

This large router plate is an optional 6061 billet aluminum plate to attach to a large router to finish out your 80 lower build. This large router plate will allow the installation to select Full-Size Routers for our Router Jig Extreme. The following Full-Size Routers are suggested to work without issues:

Bosch 1617EV
Bosch 1617EVS

Craftsman 2767
Craftsman 27683
Craftsman 50429

DeWalt DW616
DeWalt DW618

Hitachi M12VC
This product is not able to be used with a standard trim router. This is for full-size routers ONLY.
Router Jig Extreme™ Satisfaction Guarantee Policy: Satisfaction is guaranteed. We are completely confident that you will love the Router Jig Extreme™. If for any reason you are not satisfied with it, you may return the Router Jig Extreme™ for a full refund minus shipping costs within 30 days. Just contact our customer service team for a return authorization and be sure to save the original packaging. All pieces must be returned in good condition with original packaging. Lifetime Replacement Warranty: Modulus Arms 80% lowers are nearly indestructible and are covered by our unconditional lifetime replacement warranty. If you somehow manage to destroy a Modulus Arms 80% lower in a way that stops it from working properly, we will replace your lower with a new one free of charge. Damage caused by milling your 80% lower out incorrectly and intentionally inflicted damage is not covered. Return policy: Modulus Arms products may be returned within 30 days for a refund as long as they are in unused condition. Products which are not made by Modulus Arms such as magazines, lower parts kits, etc. are all returnable within 7 days as long as the original packaging is unopened.