AR-9 80% Lowers

What is an 80% Lower Receiver?

An 80 percent lower receiver is an unfinished component which requires some machining work to be done by the end-user to complete and be considered as a firearm by the ATF. Currently the ATF does not consider 80 lowers to be firearms but that could soon change so get your lowers now before the legislation changes against your favor!

While 80-lowers are still not considered as firearms, you are legally allowed to purchase these products and have them shipped straight to your door without the need of an FFL or 4473 Form which also saves you some money for more parts.

What is an 80% AR-9 Lower Receiver?

AR-9 lower receivers are 80 percent lowers made to be built into an AR-9 rifle which is simply an AR style rifle that shoots 9mm Luger, the most common handgun ammunition available. This allows you to shoot for cheap, and train more for less. It also makes going to the range a breeze, when your rifle and pistol use the same ammunition and magazines, as the AR-9 80% lowers take standard 9mm Glock magazines. 

Why Buy an 80% AR-9 Lower Receiver?

Builders who are looking into a home defense rifle, competition rifle, or just a pistol caliber carbine (PCC) should look into getting an 80% AR-9 lower receiver for any of the aforementioned purposes. PCC rifles are becoming increasingly popular, as they allow for compact packages that take cheap and common ammunition, fulfilling a variety of roles. 

80% AR-9 Lowers will usually use a direct blowback AR-9 upper, meaning the system is very reliable, as it relies on the back-pressure of the fired 9mm round to cycle the bolt and load the next round. This is one of the most time tested operating systems on rifles, and has considerably less carbon-fouling than a direct-impingement type operating system. For those looking for something a little more modern, short-stroke piston upper receivers are also available for you 80% AR-9 lowers. 


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